Initial Plan For The Game

As a team we are planning on building a variant of the popular Garry’s Mod game Prop Hunt using the relatively underground Hero Engine.

I was assigned to build the mechanics of the hunters. That includes creating the objectives of the hunter team, the actual mechanics that only the hunters specifically can execute, and the win condition for the hunters.

Objectives-wise the hunters have to seek out the props after being blind-folded for a set amount of time. Once one of the hunters spot a prop, they will have to eliminate the prop by a means that we are still discussing. In Garry’s Mod the hunter is equipped with an assortment of weapons to shoot at props to lower their health. However we are not sure if we will have the time to implement a system like this. Once all the props have been eliminated the hunters will win, but if the a timer that runs while the round progresses reaches 0, the hunters will lose.

Hunters are built primarily to seek out and destroy props, so the mechanics will solely be around this aspect. Therefore, if Hero Engine’s movement system seems at all clunky we may have to look at a way of tweaking it, or if it comes to it, replacing the movement system if possible. There also needs to be a way of removing the props from play via damage or another means. We are still discussing this aspect and I will post about it in future blog posts.

The win condition of hunters is simply when all the props are eliminated, the hunters win. We will implement a global count of current props and hunters that are alive and then base the win condition from this.

Thanks for reading and I will produce more development blog posts in the future!


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