A Change Of Direction

Last week we decided that producing a clone of Garry’s Mod’s Prop Hunt wasn’t the best idea, because during Prop Hunt the Prop Team has to find an object, and switch their controls to that object and then hide with it. The problem is that we couldn’t find a straight-forward way to switch the player’s controls to another object, mainly because a lot of the player input seems to rely on the model having physics for different body parts such as legs and arms.

Due to this, we have decided to switch the game idea to a Hide and Seek variant. The reason we chose to do this is because it’s relatively similar to our original idea, so we won’t lose too much progress.

We have also now set up Trello for project management, this should help us make some serious progress over the Semester, as long as we keep tasks cycling each week. So far I think it’s has really helped productivity.

I will be posting more blog posts on the production of the game as time goes on!


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