Project Management

Last week we took a visit to Derivco, a software house that develops online gaming systems. We showed them our progress so far, and discussed where we were heading and our goal for the end of the semester, which is a simple prototype. We also discussed how we could make sure we achieve that goal and one of the things I brought up is how we should be using project management tools more effectively.

Trello has been our main PM tool, but we haven’t really been using it to it’s full extent until today. Sprints checkups happened inconsistently and development velocity wasn’t being recorded properly.

As of today, my role has been changed to focus more on the PM side of the project so that we can achieve a good amount of progress every week by setting goals for everyone.

This week we achieved a lot more progress in comparison to previous weeks, mainly due to the tasks being set for people.

Since everyone is used to Jira for their group projects, Trello isn’t too different in the fact that there are cards, and lists, and boards. Cards are similar to issues/stories/tasks, Lists can created to hold cards, similar to the to do, in progress, verify and done sections in Jira, and boards are the same as in a Jira.

A Trello Board, showing off Lists and Cards.

We currently use a layout consisting of a backlog list, containing all of the tasks we foresee to be completed at some point in the future, a list for Documentation that encompasses things like Design Document amendments and other write-ups, Design which covers level design, modelling and asset management, and Scripting which contains anything to do programming.

An overview of a Card in Trello

Creating cards is really easy, and there are keyboard shortcuts for all the common tasks which makes setting up our weekly sprints super fast.

So far I can recommend Trello to anyone that wants to incorporate Agile development in to a small project like ours.


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