Hero Engine Texturing

This week I focused on learning how to give the assets we use in our level textures. It’s actually surprisingly simple, All you have to do is select the asset in Hero Blade:


Then, in the properties panel that should appear, you can simply select the _MaterialOverrides property, then click the button with the three dots (‘…’). This will bring up the Material Instance Properties window, which lets you choose which texture you want to apply to the object.

You can also specify a normal/specular maps, macro maps and custom shaders. Since I didn’t have access to a lot of textures and I don’t know how to make them myself, I just used the default ones supplied with Hero Engine. This worked well enough for our prototype though.

Once caveat that I had was it only being able to load DDS textures. It would be really helpful I could load in PNG files and it mapped them to textures. Other than that I thought that texturing was really well done in Hero Engine.


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